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If you are globally banned, please include your exact (!) global ban ID and the name of the game in your support request. The ID is shown in your global ban message ("Global Ban #ID"). Without it we won't be able to process your request. Note that sending the same request multiple times will not accelerate the reviewing process in any way.

Please also note the following before sending in your request:
  • No one is banned for using non-hack programs (like Fraps, overlays, etc.), picking up or using hacked in-game items, weapons or vehicles, being on a server at the same time as a cheater, or other passive non-cheating activity.
  • It doesn't matter if you only cheated on your own private server. Cheating on all BE-enabled servers is strictly forbidden.
  • It's your own responsibility to ensure that no one else has access to your cd-key. We cannot lift your ban if you were banned as a result of cd-key theft. If you think that your cd-key was stolen please contact for help.
  • No details about your ban (including evidence) will be revealed. Hackers would love to have access to this information and therefore we cannot disclose that.
  • If you cheated you will have to live with the consequences. Global bans are permanent and no exceptions will be made.
  • No support can be given on how to buy a new game or change your cd-key.

If you have problems or questions regarding BattlEye, please first check the documentation and FAQ below. If that doesn't help or you want to support BattlEye by sending in cheat/hack programs, website links or other useful information, just send an email to:


Please supply as many details as possible (e.g. when having problems, give information about your computer). That way your email can be answered and your issue be resolved much faster.

Note that we don't provide support on game-related things, such as problems with running the game, feature/bugfix requests or even patch release dates. Please refer to the customer support of that specific game regarding these things.


Information about BattlEye's custom features can be found on the following page: Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am getting kicked for the following violation(s). I don't use hacks, so what can I do to resolve this?

  • BattlEye initialization failed: First of all, please ensure that BE is properly installed for your game. You can manually install it by following the instructions on the download page. If that doesn't help there is apparently a problem with your file permissions. To fix this please go to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\[game name]" (make sure that you can see hidden files/folders if you can't find this directory) and delete the BattlEye folder there.
  • Client not responding: This can happen if the server's or your connection times out for quite a while or breaks up completely. A common solution is to update your modem/router's firmware. Also, make sure that you aren't running "Cucusoft Net Guard" which is incompatible with BE. Other than that, please ensure that there are no problems with your internet connection (you might want to contact your ISP).
  • Failed to update: For some reason your BattlEye Client is not able to download new updates from the BE Master Server - most likely related to your internet connection. Please download the most recent version for your game from the download page and manually update your BE Client. If you still get this error after manually updating and the update keeps getting downloaded in-game something is apparently wrong with the permissions of your BE working directory. To fix this please go to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\[game name]" (make sure that you can see hidden files/folders if you can't find this directory) and delete the BattlEye folder there.
  • Missing OS Privileges: In order for the BE Client to be able to detect all hacks running on a system, it has to run with administrative privileges. To do so on Windows 2000/XP, you either have to log in with an administrator account and run the game as usual or, when using a limited user account, right-click your game executable/shortcut, select "Run as..." and enter the credentials of an administrator-level account. On Windows Vista/7, right-click your game executable/shortcut and select "Run as administrator". If you are logged in with a limited user account, you then have to enter the password of an administrator account. To permanently run the game as administrator, right-click the executable/shortcut and choose Properties. Then go to the Compatibility tab, check the "Run this program as an administrator" option and click OK to apply your changes.
  • Corrupted Memory #X: BattlEye detects that your game's memory is not what it is supposed to be. Scan your system for viruses/trojans/spyware and check your RAM for possible defects (using tools like Memtest86). If that doesn't help, the game's installation on your harddisk is possibly corrupted - therefore, try to reinstall the game.
  • Direct3D Hook #X: Disable overlay programs or the overlay feature of these programs while playing on BE-enabled servers. Popular examples are Xfire (you can leave it running by disabling the ingame-overlay feature for your game in the options), Fraps, TeamSpeak Overlay (TSO) and ATI Tray Tools.

How do I enable BattlEye in-game to be able to play on BE-enabled servers?

At the moment, you don't have to enable it explicitly in any games. If you decided to install BE and join a BE-enabled server, it will be loaded automatically.

I am using a 64-bit operating system but can't seem to find the right files in the download section. Is 64-bit unsupported?

No. All platforms the game is running on are supported. Please note that even though you might be using a 64-bit OS, the game may still be running in 32-bit mode because it was compiled as a 32-bit application.

I am running multiple dedicated servers from one installation. Is there anything I have to keep in mind regarding BattlEye?

Yes, you have to specify separate BE folders on the command line for the auto-update to work properly. However, this is currently only supported in ArmA.
For example, if you run 2 servers, you have to specify "-BEpath=[path]" (without the quotes and brackets) on the command line of at least one of the servers.
This path can be relative to the current BE home folder (in the game's appdata) or absolute. The game server will then automatically create the new BE folder and copy the required files there.
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