A New Dawn

Posted on 9th February 2015 at 21:19:44

For the past few months we have been working on making BE fundamentally different from conventional anti-cheat systems (including the old/current BE) that can only punish cheaters after their damage to other legitimate players has already been done, i.e. are based on detections of hacks and subsequent banning. With these new upcoming changes we are trying to move away from that and make BE a proactive anti-cheat system that is mainly based on protection instead of detection. In essence, this will allow BE to actively protect the games it supports against cheating/hacking, which is a big thing.

To properly achieve such protection, it’s required for the game to be started via a special BE launcher and as you might have noticed, this new launcher is already being used in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead since July, where recently we started to roll out first iterations of the new protection system. Just a few days ago the new BE launcher was also introduced on the DayZ experimental branch.

It’s important to understand that this new approach won’t mean the complete end to hacking, but overall it will give hackers a much harder time and make BE much more effective in its effort to actually prevent cheating. Please note however that this is continuous work in progress and the current protection is far from perfect. It will keep evolving and become more sophisticated over the coming weeks and months.

Lastly, we want to stress that contrary to what some individuals have been claiming this new protection won’t make BE a rootkit. Naturally the new system will employ a kernel-mode driver, but BE never has been and never will be a rootkit trying to hide its own activities on our users’ computers.