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A New Dawn [ 16.11.2014 • 17:00 ]
For the past few months we have been working on making BE fundamentally different from conventional anti-cheat systems (including the old/current BE) that can only punish cheaters after their damage to other legitimate players has already been done, i.e. are based on detections of hacks and subsequent banning. With these new upcoming changes we are trying to move away from that and make BE a proactive anti-cheat system that is mainly based on protection instead of detection. In essence, this will allow BE to actively protect the games it supports against cheating/hacking, which is a big thing.

To properly achieve such protection, it's required for the game to be started via a special BE launcher and as you might have noticed, this new launcher is already being used in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead since July, where recently we started to roll out first iterations of the new protection system. Just a few days ago the new BE launcher was also introduced on the DayZ experimental branch.

It's important to understand that this new approach won't mean the complete end to hacking, but overall it will give hackers a much harder time and make BE much more effective in its effort to actually prevent cheating. Please note however that this is continuous work in progress and the current protection is far from perfect. It will keep evolving and become more sophisticated over the coming weeks and months.

Lastly, we want to stress that contrary to what some individuals have been claiming this new protection won't make BE a rootkit. Naturally the new system will employ a kernel-mode driver, but BE never has been and never will be a rootkit trying to hide its own activities on our users' computers.
Sudden global bans after latest BE update [ 15.07.2014 • 13:10 ]
Certain users have been contacting us regarding sudden global bans since last night when a BE Client and Server update was released for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. To clarify, these bans are not false positives in any way.

In reality these are bans from the past that are related to the cd-key that is attached to a user's Steam account. Yesterday's update added support for old cd-key-based global bans in the new Steam version of the game (1.63). Note that with Steam the cd-key that is written to your registry is no longer relevant for authentication. Only the cd-key that is attached to your Steam account matters and like in previous game versions you will not be able to play on BE servers with a cd-key that is globally banned.

Therefore, if you previously had been using a new unbanned cd-key by writing it directly to the registry you will now have to attach it to a new Steam account to be able to play on BE servers again.
BattlEye and privacy [ 03.06.2014 • 14:00 ]
Recently, due to a post created by a hack creator on Reddit, there have been concerns regarding the privacy of players using BE for their games.

We understand that many people might feel worried as a result of this post, but we want to make clear that we fully respect everyone's privacy and have no interest in getting access to any personal information (documents, passwords, etc.) stored on a user's PC. Our EULA clearly states that as well. However, it's true that BE can, from time to time, upload executable code (mainly .dll and .exe files) that has been flagged by certain hack-identifying scans to the BE master server for further analysis. This is sometimes required to effectively fight hacks and it should be noted that other anti-cheat systems (like VAC for example) can do the same. The post also states that we only did that after we started protecting the BE Client with a virtualizer so as to better hide our activities, which is simply false. We have been using such methods for many months.

It's also true that BE can dynamically execute code streamed from the BE master server. However, it should equally be understood that such a feature does not indicate evil intentions. The Reddit post does not mention the obvious logical fact that there is not a great difference between dynamic and static (file) updates. If we had evil intentions we could as well hide bad code in our protected/encrypted file updates without most people noticing. Therefore, if you don't trust us we would advise you to never use BE at all, which is obviously true for any software. This feature simply exists because it allows quick on-the-fly updates instead of releasing file updates every time a change is required. It should be noted that this feature is protected against attacks from outside, i.e. it's not possible for anyone to dynamically stream malicious code to your client for execution.

It was also stated that we threatened the author to not release any information regarding this (which happened after he posted it on a hacking forum). This is only true in the context of the criminal act / theft that took place to obtain this information. Like any other company we will not accept criminals hacking into our servers and stealing information from them. This is exactly what happened here and the author released screenshots of this stolen information. He is therefore colluding with the criminals and in a way acting as a henchman for them. On the other hand, we have no problem with the actual information itself as we have nothing to hide and don't have any evil intentions. However, we hope that our users understand that we generally do not announce our methods as that would only help the hacking community.

In conclusion, we want to emphasize again that we do everything with the sole purpose of detecting cheats/hacks and not to spy on users. We respect and protect the privacy of our users and while we understand that certain methods can be considered invasive, we hope that they can be understood as well.
Major BE downtime [ 21.01.2014 • 13:15 ]
Unfortunately, for 24 hours now we are experiencing major server problems due to an accident at our provider's data center. According to our provider everything should be back to normal within hours. An update will be posted here once that is the case.

As a negative side effect of this, all banned cheaters can currently play on BE servers in Arma 3 and DayZ without receiving a global ban message. Please understand that none of them were actually unbanned by us and the bans will continue to be enforced once the service is fully restored.

We're very sorry for all inconveniences caused by this downtime. We are currently discussing solutions to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

Update (22.01.): After quickly restoring services for Arma 3 and DayZ yesterday afternoon, we are now fully back in ArmA 2: OA as well.
BattlEye coming to DayZ [ 04.01.2014 • 15:05 ]
Bohemia Interactive a.s. has contracted with BattlEye Innovations to integrate BattlEye into its popular DayZ standalone game released just a few weeks ago.

It's important to note that like in Arma 3 the removal of cd-keys from DayZ will mean that BattlEye is finally able to effectively ban cheaters from the game.
BattlEye for ArmA 3 [ 30.05.2013 • 15:20 ]
Bohemia Interactive a.s. has contracted with BattlEye Innovations to integrate BattlEye into its next realistic military simulation game known as ArmA 3.

We're very happy to support ArmA 3 in its new Steam environment, which will solve the excessive cd-key theft problem prevalent in ArmA 2 / OA and therefore finally allow BattlEye to effectively ban cheaters from the game.
WARNING: Massive cd-key theft going on [ 29.08.2012 • 17:00 ]
As already mentioned in the previous news post, there is currently a massive ongoing effort by certain entities to steal people's cd-keys to then sell them for a profit. Private hack forums are full of posts of these fraudsters trying to sell heaps of cd-keys for a cheap price. We are talking about hundreds of cd-keys here, so this is not a small issue at all. The game developers confirmed that this is a huge problem right now.

Their process of stealing cd-keys is quite simple: They advertise a supposedly undetected hack on sites like YouTube and the moment you download and run it (it will probably report that the hack failed to load) your cd-key is already stolen. In many cases your actual cd-key in registry is overwritten with a banned one, so you will automatically receive a global ban message on join (see below). This is done to prevent you from using your cd-key again, so the fraudsters can sell them claiming that they are valid and not in use. Note that this can be fixed (temporarily) by deleting the cd-key from the registry and reinstalling your game. While your original cd-key is not banned due to this, it might very well end up being soon when your cd-key is being used by a cheater that purchased it. This causes many players to think they were innocently banned when in fact their cd-key was stolen and used for cheating. At the very least you will often receive a "CD key in use" message when trying to connect to servers.

If you think this is false propaganda to cover up supposed false global bans I advise you to do some research on this yourself. You can easily verify this by searching for "free DayZ hack" on YouTube. You will see lots of results and almost all of them are scams. Most of them are actually quite popular and have thousands of views. When downloading them and opening the .exe file in e.g. Notepad (warning: do not actually run the .exe!), you can find cd-key related strings such as "SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA" (the registry location of the cd-key) inside.

In short, heed the following: DO NOT EVER RUN ANY HACKS OR OTHER SUSPICIOUS SOFTWARE! If you end up being banned due to your cd-key being stolen there is nothing we can do for you.
Global Ban #3065 [ 20.08.2012 • 11:20 ]
Recently many users have contacted us regarding this specific ban. We've investigated the problem and found that it's simply caused by a fake hack that is in fact a cd-key stealer. It also overwrites the user's actual cd-key with a banned one resulting in this very ban ID (the actual cd-key is not banned due to this).

This news post will be removed shortly as there is no point in mentioning such things. After all it's the cheaters' fault for getting themselves banned like that.
Global Bans in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead [ 10.08.2012 • 13:45 ]
We're aware of the global banning issue and are investigating since yesterday. Appropriate action will be taken if a false-positive scenario is found. If that is indeed the case we're terribly sorry for it and will take measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

An update will be posted once more is known.

Update: The issue has been investigated with the help of Ondrej Spanel (BIS lead programmer) and we found that there is a possibility of a race condition on BE's side during the game's disconnect process. It can essentially destroy the integrity of the environment that BE expects and trigger a certain detection. The problem has been fixed and all of bans of the past two days that could have been triggered by such a condition have been removed. There might still be cheaters among those, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that the innocent players should be unbanned now.

We're honestly deeply sorry for this and will do everything to ensure that something like this won't happen again.
BattlEye for Iron Front: Liberation 1944 [ 30.06.2012 • 18:15 ]
X1Software has contracted with BattlEye Innovations to integrate BattlEye into its realistic WWII military simulation game known as Iron Front: Liberation 1944.

BattlEye will be officially released in the upcoming 1.03 patch.
BattlEye to protect ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: Operation
[ 09.12.2009 • 12:00 ]
Bohemia Interactive a.s. has contracted with BattlEye Innovations to integrate BattlEye into its popular realistic military simulation game known as ArmA 2 and the game's stand-alone expansion ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

BattlEye is currently being tested in the ArmA 2 beta patches and will be officially released in the upcoming 1.05 final patch.
Privacy concerns [ 05.01.2008 • 21:15 ]
I have repeatedly heard of heavy privacy concerns regarding the BattlEye software in ArmA. This is why I want to clear this up here once and for all:

BattlEye will never violate your privacy in any way. The EULA clearly states this when installing BattlEye. Any other statements found anywhere else are superseded by the EULA.

BattlEye always has and will secure the user's privacy and protect against any sort of software exploitation from outside.
BattlEye for ArmA: Armed Assault / Combat Operations [ 27.12.2007 • 01:15 ]
BattlEye now also supports the multiplayer game ArmA: Armed Assault / Combat Operations developed by Bohemia Interactive.

I am looking forward to support this game as well.
BattlEye is now available in the 1.09 beta patch.
BattlEye to support S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl [ 22.11.2007 • 22:00 ]
BattlEye will soon support its first commercial game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, which is developed by GSC Game World and published by THQ.

This is a huge step forward for BattlEye and I am really happy to support this great game soon.
BattlEye will be integrated in an upcoming patch.
BattlEye integration into Urban Terror [ 01.04.2007 • 03:00 ]
The BattlEye Anti-Cheat Engine will support the upcoming release of Urban Terror v4.0 (standalone) with its powerful capabilities.

Urban Terror will be the first game to use the BE Client on Linux as well. In addition, this marks the fundamental change of the BattlEye system: BattlEye will no longer require a central master server but use the separate BE Server module directly integrated into the game server.

The game will be released shortly. And that's no April's fool! Check for more information.
BattlEye integration into Soldat [ 31.01.2007 • 14:15 ]
Beginning with the upcoming version, the popular and well-known shareware game Soldat (more information on will finally have an effective weapon against the many cheaters in this game - BattlEye.

The integration of BattlEye is almost finished and I am very happy to support this great game soon.
BattlEye successfully released in Warsow v0.1 [ 31.05.2006 • 15:30 ]
Last Friday Warsow v0.1 was finally released together with BattlEye.
The game has been a huge success so far and so is BattlEye. The whole system runs nicely without any problem or error so far.

New updates with first cheat detection routines will be rolled out soon.
As always, you will automatically be up-to-date due to the nice effective auto-update system built into BattlEye.

Happy fraggin'!
BattlEye to be released in Warsow v0.1 soon [ 17.05.2006 • 13:10 ]
I am glad to announce that BattlEye will be integrated directly into a game for the first time.
The game is the popular quake-like FPS Warsow, which is available for free on
BattlEye will, as it always has done, fight cheating as hard and effectively as possible and secure the fun and fairness for honest players.

The BattlEye integration is already done for a while and everything works perfectly.
BattlEye will "ship" with Warsow v0.1 which is almost finished and will be released very soon.

This page will be filled with more content in the next days, so stay tuned.
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